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Central Park area businesses have come to trust Central Park NY Locksmith Store for all their access management and security issues because of our stellar history of competence and great customer service. Competition in the local marketplace is very competitive for most industries, so if your business experiences any kind of downtime, you can quickly lose customers. This means the last thing you need is to have your business closed down because of broken locks, lost keys or other access issues.

This is why our specialists work so hard every day to support Central Park small businesses, by providing the best possible locksmith services for commercial clients all around the New York area. We offer 24-hour locksmith services to our clients, and we provide fast response time through our mobile service vans, which can arrive at your location usually within an hour of your call. In no time at all, access will be restored to your important vehicles, inventory, and tools and equipment.

From commercial building lockouts to opening and unlocking file cabinets, and even emergency service and re-programming for digital locks, you can count on our team of specialists to have the knowledge and the tools ready to serve local businesses to the utmost. With extensive training and years of hands-on experience our locksmith technicians can arrive at your site fully prepared to handle any security issue quickly and effectively.

Lock Changes

Central Park NY Locksmith Store, Central Park, NY 212-918-5406Small businesses operating on a tight budget can be highly impacted by even very small business losses. Installation of magnet locks or some other security solution may be just what you need to increase security around your valuable assets and reduce your exposure to sudden business loss. We at Central Park NY Locksmith Store also specialize in major tasks like changing all the locks in an office complex, hotel, or school overnight, when the job has to be done by morning. All jobs big and small are fair game, and we’re ready to consult with you right now at 212-918-5406 .

Lock Damage

Locks are subject to normal wear and tear as well as to damage caused by abuse or vandalism, and this kind of damaged lock can literally shut a business down by preventing access to customers and employees. Central Park NY Locksmith Store technicians can quickly restore access to those areas by repairing or changing the locks, thereby ensuring that your business experiences as little downtime as possible.

Safe/Cabinet Locks

Valuable assets which are protected by filing cabinets or safes sometimes malfunction and deny access to important personnel, which can create numerous business problems. When this happens to you, a locksmith technician from Central Park NY Locksmith Store can use all the tools from one of our specialized mobile vans to restore access to these sensitive areas, usually within the hour of your call.

Emergency Exit Lock

Emergency exit locks must be functioning perfectly to maintain the safety of personnel in any commercial building. If malfunctioning emergency exit locks are discovered during a building inspection, heavy penalties may result, including large fines levied against the building owner. Regular checking of emergency exit locks can help to ensure proper functionality, and can uncover any problems before they become critical.

Key Replacement

When you lose an important business key, employees no longer have access to vehicles, equipment, or inventory necessary to the daily operation of your company. We understand this at Central Park NY Locksmith Store, and that’s why when our technician arrives at your site, you can expect that he’ll have everything needed to restore access to sensitive areas. Any kind of key replacement issue can be handled within minutes by one of our highly qualified specialists, 24 x 7, every day of the year.

Master Key Systems

Our Central Park NY Locksmith Store specialists are experts at the installation of master key systems, which allow your most trusted employees access to important company resources and secrets of your trade. Our Central Park NY Locksmith Store locksmiths are fully capable of creating sub-master key systems as well, and these allow you to assign security access levels to various employees, based on their job duties.

Locksmith services that we provide can be used to advantage by a great many local area businesses, including the following:

  • Central Park NY Locksmith Store, Central Park, NY 212-918-5406Restaurants
  • Office Spaces
  • Assisted Living Care Centers
  • Business Outlets
  • Schools / Universities
  • Hotels / Motels
  • Hospitals
  • Apartments
  • Banks


We at Central Park NY Locksmith Store have been helping businesses in the Central Park area design and install all kinds of modern security options demanded by the needs of business. We can also offer emergency services on demand for changing out mailboxes, installation of buzzer systems, and unlocking or repairing different types of safes. Our staff of specialists has assisted many area businesses with even the most complex security systems, and we can help your business too. Call us today and let us consult with you about your security needs in the Central Park area.